7 simple new tricks that makes your iPhone run faster

• written by Krist Duro
7 simple new tricks that makes your iPhone run faster

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By now everyone probably owns an iPhone and if not, aspires to own one. Designed by Apple Inc. in 2007, iPhones are currently the leading communication devices in the market. Currently there are nine models of iPhones with the latest model being an iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus. This is the true definition of technology at its very best. The iPhone is ideal for your everyday technological need giving you optimum results to your every need. If you own one, it’s always a pleasure to have an iPhone that runs faster. We all know how it can sometimes get irritating when your iPhone is really slow so here are 7 simple new tricks that would help you gain that:

  1. Delete apps that you hardly use and take up a lot of space

This is one of the biggest challenges we have. We always end up overloading our iPhones with so many apps that we hardly use. A situation that can easily be fixed by one single up takes up almost 5 apps to fix. This really slows down our iPhone. In order to make your iPhone run faster, try deleting apps that are not really necessary or those that you do not use especially those apps that take up a lot of space in your phone. You can also try formatting your iPhone and downloading apps that you need once again. Once you do this, you’ll be amazed by how fast your iPhone will be.

  1. Restart your iPhone once in a while

As weird as it may sound, it is not always good to leave your iPhone on for so many days without restarting it even once. This may sound like a very simple trick but it works wonders. Sometimes this simple problem could be the reason behind your iPhone being too slow. Sometimes the iPhone is on for so long, overheats and clogs on problems that continue piling up due to lack of restarting your iPhone. Always make it a habit to restart it once a while as an iPhone works just like a computer, a simple reboot could make your iPhone run faster.

An image showcasing the game described in this article.

  1. Delete old messages and photographs

Some people have the tendency of never deleting their messages and photos. Some of these messages go as far as years back without being deleted. You may be wondering what could be the reason behind your iPhone being too slow and this could be the problem. Always make it a tendency to delete old messages that you do not really need. iPhones have an option of deleting your messages after 30 days or 1 year or never deleting them at all. Learn to delete some of your photos in case your iPhone has too many photos and back them up somewhere else so as to create space for your iPhone and not overloading it.

  1. Turn off unnecessary notifications

If you do not require or really need all those notifications on your iPhone then turn them off. Some of them are so annoying and end up showing up every single second. They could be the reason behind your slow iPhone. Turn off some notifications and leave behind those that you genuinely need. This could work wonders for your iPhone and make it run faster.

  1. Make sure your iPhone is not infected by a virus

Since an iPhone is like a computer, prevalence of viruses will automatically lead to reduction in its speed. We introduce some of this viruses ourselves when introducing music, sharing things with others using our phones and other many ways. You can download an iPhone app that detects these viruses. The viruses usually affect your iPhone and could do a lot of damage to it one of the damages being slowing it down so it is necessary that you be on the lookout. Once this problem is fixed, your iPhone will definitely run faster.

An image showcasing the game described in this article.

  1. Turn off automatic downloads

Those apps that usually install themselves on your iPhone should be turned off since even though helpful at times, they could be the reason for your slow iPhone. Some of this apps download and install themselves on your iPhone and even though they may save you time, it is better that you install the apps yourself as they could be the reason for your slow iPhone. Turn them off and you will notice that your IPhone may run faster.

  1. Learn to update software’s on your iPhone.

Sometimes messages may appear on your iPhone showing you about the new updates that are available. Always check on them as they could be the reason as to why your iPhone is not fast. Some of them may not be crucial but some of them may be. Try Updating your software and this could solve your problem and make your iPhone run faster.


These are the biggest tech news currently and these simple tricks will really come a long way in assisting you make your iPhone run faster. Try them today and you will see the difference.




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