6 Smart Kitchen Gadgets That Prove the Future Is Now

• written by Krist Duro
6 Smart Kitchen Gadgets That Prove the Future Is Now

For a very long time the idea of a high-tech, smart kitchen was in the domain of crazy science – something we would see in The Jetsons. And then came the era of Internet of Things, and over the course of what seems like one night, the possibilities of our good old home appliances exploded beyond our wildest expectations.

Let’s take a look at some of the current kitchen gadgets that would leave even Jane Jetson scratching her head. Go to www.spicekitchenandbar.com if you would like to have more appliances reviews.

Intelligent Frying PanIntelligent Frying Pan

The Alpha and the Omega of all kitchen gadgets and a tool that will finally allow even the most inexperienced person to make the perfectly fried eggs. The Intelligent Frying Pan is equipped with sensors that are able to communicate with your smartphone, letting you know when’s the right time to put the food in the pan, when to flip it, and when to remove it. The companion app comes pre-loaded with a lot of interesting recipes, so you have everything you need to make your first kitchen steps. You can check out the weblink to get any of these smart appliances repaired.

Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker

A welcome step up from the Intelligent Frying pan, Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker doesn’t only provide the valuable feedback through the power of WeMo app – it also allows you to remotely change the temperature and cooking settings. Just imagine preparing the lunch from the comfort of your living room. Cooking-wise that may be the biggest progress we’ve seen since the Bronze Age.

Prep Pad

Keeping track of the calories, carbs, proteins, and fat has always been the worst nightmare of just about anyone trying to remain fit. By the time you calculate the amount of food you have to eat, you might as well earn a math degree. Fortunately, Prep Pad swoops in to save the day. This neat part-dietician, part-nutritional guide, part-smart scale, and all around an awesome gadget, will determine the nutritional value of everything you place on its top.

ALYT Smart Home Manager

Though IoT makes managing individual gadgets a breeze, when your home is stacked with smart appliances, handling all of them at once becomes really hard and energy wasteful. ALYT (Affordable Link Your Things) Smart Home Manager can interact with these apps through various connectivity options (NFC, Bluetooth, etc.), and essentially give you “one hub to rule them all.” It’s also worth mentioning that, since this beauty comes from Italy, it will sit perfectly with your ILVE appliances.

We are all very familiar with the struggle of making grocery lists. Well, the good news is that if you are buying the same brands over and over again, GeniCan is just the gadget you need. Place the device on the top of your garbage can, scan the barcode of the items you are going to throw and the items will automatically be added to your smartphone shopping-list.

If the package, by any chance, doesn’t have a barcode, just hold the item in front of the sensor for a couple of seconds, and add the product with your voice. To elevate the consumer's convenience, business owners can buy ean barcodes or similar.

iSommelier Smart Decanter

Aeration is a process of exposing your wine to air. There is a lot of science going on here, but the two most important things about aeration are: a) it makes your wine more expressive and aromatic, and b) it takes years to be successfully accomplished. This smart decanter does a great job streamlining the process. Place the wine in the bottle, hook it on the gadget, choose the decanting method and wait. The companion app even gives you the option to take the photo of your wine and get the decanting suggestions.

iSommelier Smart Decanter

Those were the six kitchen gadgets which prove that the brave new future we’ve always dreamed of has indeed arrived. Therefore, we can check The Jetsons off the list; now bring on some Start Trek please. We can’t wait to try lunch made in the food replicator.

image credit: creativecommons.org

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