5 Must-Have Sailing Gadgets for the Upcoming Season

• written by Krist Duro
5 Must-Have Sailing Gadgets for the Upcoming Season

Sailing has come a long way over the past couple of years. Technology has allowed us to improve the old sailing gadgets and build new ones from scratch. If you haven’t kept up with trends in the sailing industry you might find yourself overwhelmed with the number of options to choose from. But don’t worry, we have decided to put together a list of gadgets that are absolutely necessary and will make your sailing a lot more enjoyable.

5 Must-Have Sailing Gadgets for the Upcoming SeasonWaterproof camera

A sailing trip usually involves a number of different fun activities like snorkeling, diving and swimming in the open sea. All of them have one thing in common - they require waterproof equipment. Now, you probably already have snorkeling masks, oxygen tanks, diving suits and other necessary equipment, but what a lot of people tend to forget is an underwater camera.

While diving, you are bound to come across some beautiful fish and other sea creatures. Capturing all that with a camera is simply amazing. Keep in mind that not all cameras can stand the underwater pressure, so if you’re planning to go really deep, a simple smartphone in a waterproof casing won’t do. There are small cameras that you can attach to your snorkeling mask, so you can explore freely, or even hunt with a harpoon if that is something you enjoy.

Boat sound system

Most people would agree that music is absolutely necessary when sailing, especially if you are going to sail for a couple of days. Even the sailors in the old days sang from the top of their lungs, just so they can stay entertained during long days on the open sea. Luckily, today, you don’t have to sing, you can just install the sound system in your boat and blast the music as loud as you like.

Finding a perfect stereo for your boat can be a bit difficult because you need to care for your ship`s structure. Some are pretty easy to install, but then there are those that require an expert hand, so don’t be shy to hire a professional to set everything up. And trust us, it’s totally worth it as the feeling you get when listening to your favorite song while cruising on the open sea is absolutely liberating.

5 Must-Have Sailing Gadgets for the Upcoming SeasonHandheld GPS device

Probably the most important gadget to have on your boat is a handheld GPS. We know that every smartphone comes with pre-installed GPS, but the problem with them is that they depend on mobile network signal. When you are far away from the coast you may get some interference and the GPS on your phone might stop working.

With a handheld GPS device, you won’t have such problems. They have a direct satellite connection and have powerful batteries that last for a long time. Just remember to buy a waterproof one, you never know if it’s going to get wet.

Other useful gadgets

Lastly, we have a few more gadgets that will improve your sailing experience greatly. For example, a boat knife with a stainless-steel blade, a shackle key, and marlinspike are all must-haves. Another useful gadget is a bird deterrent. They come in all shapes and forms, so you’ll just need to pick the one that works for you. Companies like Bird Control Australia offer a wide selection, so check them out, you will certainly find something.

And that is all from us. There are a lot more gadgets to choose from, but these ones are by far the most useful ones. With our suggestions, your sailing trips are going to be a lot more pleasant for both you and your passengers.

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