4 Ways Technology is Revolutionizing the Roadways

• written by Krist Duro
4 Ways Technology is Revolutionizing the Roadways

Our roadways are constantly changing. Through the revolution of new technology, to modern practices such as the implication to more visible signs, things are constantly changing. Most states are developing practices into roadway development that have a great deal of positive impacts on drivers safety and ability to navigate our roadways with ease.

Since the development of modern advancements, the world has seen a much more positive impact on our knowledge, capabilities, and driveability while commuting our roadways.

Self-Automated Cars

The hype of self-automated cars is among the top of the list when we think about technological advancements within cars. Google has been the forefront leader in developing cars that are able to operate themselves. With the introduction of the Tesla, drivers are starting to be able to get accustomed to this technology, though the price tag may be a bit hefty.


Self-automated cars are not only convenient, but they help drivers to safely travel to their destination. With a multitude of sensors and extensive testing that was required prior to their introduction, those commuting within a self-operated automobile can feel confident that the technologies behind these automobiles are top-notch. And if you are looking for brand new self-automated cars or classic cars for sale, you can try here to find out more.

Mapping Technologies

With the use of GIS-type technologies, companies and developers are now able to develop maps that outline areas on the roadways that might be heavily congested. One of the most popular forms of this technology, Google Maps, helps to outline areas by color coding specific roads and highways that are experiencing more cars during specific times of the day. These advancements can help to make better decisions when deciding which route will allow the passenger to reach their destination quicker.

Additionally, accident and crash maps have been developed to showcase areas throughout different regions of the world, that experience accidents. The information can be derived from national databases, where developers can translate the data source into visible information that can be presented via maps and outlines for drivers to easily interpret.

Advancements in Road Signage

One of the most common technological advancements seen on most newly developed streets is the use of LED lighting systems. Not only are LED lights safer to use in comparison to older halogen bulbs, but they project more light onto our roads and signs, and last much longer. As a result, states are not required to maintain or replace burnt out bulbs for a much longer time after they are installed. Plus, LED lighting helps drivers to see more clearly at night, and it appears to be much more tightly looking.

Snow Resistant Roads

There have been talks about roadways that can be paved that are resistant to snow and ice. These roadways would utilize special materials and heating systems underneath the pavement that would not allow any snow or ice to form on the roadways. For northern areas of the country where icy roadways are a common winter issue, this new advancement would be an excellent way to aid transportation, and reduce accidents on potentially dangerous roadways.

Solar panels have also been brought up when discussing ways to heat the devices within the asphalt to resist snow and ice. With proper funding, this advancement could positively affect drivers ability to commute, and reduce the maintenance required by county and state decision-makers.

As a result, there are a plethora of new advancements that motorists have to look forward to in the coming years. It's an abstract idea to think about, but the potential for technology to revolutionize roadways in the next decade, and allow drivers a completely hands-free, safe travel to their destination is not out of the question. What are some ways in which you think technology could help to further develop our roadways and commutes?

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