13 Gadgets that will transform your mood

• written by Krist Duro

In this era, gadgets are developed for more than the traditional function of communication. People are going for gadgets that will transform their lives and make their daily tasks easier. For this reason, gadgets are being developed every day and much better innovations are coming up. The following gadgets will definitely change your moods owing to their functionality which completely transforms people’s lives both at home and in the office.

  • AquaNotes - There is this common belief that most ideas are conceived in the shower. These ideas are however never brought to reality because they are forgotten as soon as bath time is over. AquaNotes were developed to solve this problem. These are water resistant notepads that will allow you to write down stuff while on the shower.

  • Sugru - This is a gadget that is used to fix almost everything around the home including fixing cracks and sticking stuff on the wall. This is a toy that everyone needs in their house if they want a stress free life. With it, fixing breakages is a one time job.

  • Remote controlled mop - Who would have thought technology would come to this point of automated cleaning equipment. This mop is controlled by a remote while doing the cleaning. This means that the only job a person does here is to manipulate the remote control. If this does not make you happy, I do not what will considering washing the house is not a cup of coffee for many people. This was one of the biggest tech news.

  • Light up charger cables - These are charging cables that will definitely leave you happy because you will no longer waste electricity charging a phone that is already full. The cable lights up when you start charging your phone and as it fills up, the light dims and eventually goes off indicating that it is time to unplug.

  • USB cup warmer - This is a life changer in the office especially during the cold season when all you need is a warm cup of coffee to light up your day. This gadget comes with USB terminal that allows you to warm your tea or coffee in a mug from your laptop and keep it warm while you are still working.

  • Light up flexible keyboard - One of the major problems that people have been facing when using keyboards is dealing with food and drinks spill. The flexible keyboard is here to solve these problems and many more since it can be cleaned even in between the keys. It also lights up and for this reason, it can be used in a dark place.

  • Spy pen -The spy pen has a camera installed and it is a very important gadget when collecting exclusive information. It resembles normal pens in a way that no one can suspect they are being recorded. It still works as a pen and has refills but this is not its primary purpose.

  • Portable USB fridge - The portable USB fridge is small and portable and can cool down stuff within a few minutes. This is ideal for people working in offices all day long and also those on holiday. When it is hot, people need very chilled drinks to keep them cool and it is always a challenge having to look for a fridge every now and then. This gadget can be powered by a laptop via the USB cable.

  • The Ultimate geek pen - This is a pen that has the capacity to switch between the needs of a normal pen and pointing device at the same time and this is done by twisting the metal tip. As a pen, it is used to write on paper, while as a pointing device it is used to play games on PDAs

  • USB heating blanket - During winter, most people become less productive because they are slowed down by the cold. This problem has however been solved by the USB heating blanket which keeps one warm even in an air conditioned room. Temperatures can be adjusted to fit the needs of the user and they are powered via a USB cable.

  • Z pen - This gadget allows the user to convert handwriting to typed document in real time. The pen allows you to write, convert the text and download everything to your computer. This is a solution to people who do not have the time to type their documents.

  • Head massager - There is nothing more life changing than a helmet that you wear and it gives you a head massage. This gadget gives you a massage while you are going about your duties. It is comfortable, effective and will always leave a smile on your face.

  • iPod toilet dock - A toilet is a private place where people need ultimate comfort, only that they never ask for it. This dock is fixed in a toilet paper holder to ensure that you can still listen to your music even when going about the toilet business.





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