10 smart home devices that make your work easy

• written by Krist Duro
10 smart home devices that make your work easy

Smart home devices are gaining more and more followers by each new day. There are many gadgets that help us in our everyday activities. It does not matter if we are thinking about kitchen work, taking care of our kids or pets for that matter. They became a part of our lives and were there to stay.Smart home

If you read through some technology news, you’ll find a whole plethora of home devices which make our work easier. Here is a list of 10 most helpful gadgets around the house.

SonySymphonic Light

This particular gadget is a bedside lamp to be exact, but the story does not end there. You can hang it from the ceiling in order to add some subtle class to your room. However, this lovely gadget has a twist to it; it plays music. The sound is awesome as well and will not let you down.

Air2 floating Bluetooth speakers

This device will definitely be in a center of attention at every party. It is a speaker, and yet it floats. It is made up of a mirror finished base (metal), and the speaker unit floats (levitates) on top due to the magnetic repulsion which is built within. It is similar to ceiling speakers in the case of multi-directional sound effects.   Listening to music will have a whole new meaning with this new gadget.


Petcube is a device which helps you to stay in contact with your pet no matter where you momentarily are. Petcube’s main task is to keep that special bond between you and your pet intact. It features a microphone, speaker, and inbuilt wide angle camera. It also allows you to activate the laser pointer to play with your pet, just as if you were in your home.

SleepIQ kids bed

This smart bed gives its users a great night's sleep and while you sleep it tracks your sleep patterns and provides automatic adjustments. That way the bed feels a lot more comfy. Parents can easily see the score and get some more understanding about their kid’s sleeping patterns.

Budgee Robot

Budgee the friendly robot is exactly that. It can carry groceries for you or anything else for that matter. You can use it in outdoors or in indoors. It is capable of going over sidewalks and streets. The most interesting thing about this robot is that you can drive him with your smartphone and tell him the exact location where you like your things to be delivered. He also tells you info about his status, and you can talk to him by using Budgee app. The battery will last up to 10 hours, and it will take around 3 hours to recharge. This robot is a great asset to the elderly and disabled.

Klippa leg for climbers

Klippa is a prosthetic leg for climbers, and its main goal is to help people overcome their disabilities. There are several challenges amputee climbers face such as strength loss, passive articulation, no feedback and no grip. Klippa is here to help with those issues.

Nike Self Tying Shoe

We all remember the movie Back to Future and self-tying shoes and Marty McFly, wright? Well, Nike made a pair of such sneakers and gifted them to Michael J. Fox. The company says that they will release the shoes in the upcoming year and help support M. J. Fox Foundation for research of Parkinson’s disease.


Unfortunately, honeybees have been dying at unprecedented rates and we all know that they pollinate 1/3 of the food we eat. They have been dying because of a mysterious phenomenon we refer to as colony collapse disorder. One group of scientists are pursuing a daring task; replacing bees. The first Robo-Bee was introduced by Professor Robert Wood. These Robo-Bees are capable of lifting off the ground and flying in midair when tethered to a supply of power. The researchers believe that these bees could artificially pollinate crops and fields in a time frame of around 10 years. It is a daring assignment and has many loose ends to tie, but at least we know there is hope.

Nvidia’s Shield Tablet

This is a great tablet that all gamers have been waiting for. It features a lot of graphics punch with its processor (Tegra K1). It runs on Android operating system 5.0 Lollipop and streams PC games with compatible gaming PCs. It is extremely versatile and not to mention affordable. It offers high performance. The Tablet features add-on wireless game controller which can be used in order to connect TV support for video streaming entertainment and sofa gaming.

Parrot's lightweight Bebop 2 drone

Last week Parrot launched its lightweight Bebop 2 drone which doubled flying time and at the same time improved its performance. It weighs only 500 grams, and it still remains stable, compact, lightweight and robust at the same time. It provides quite impressive manoeuvrability and stability in all sorts of conditions.



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