5 Popular Security Gadgets for Your Home

• written by Krist Duro
5 Popular Security Gadgets for Your Home

In this day and age, it is of vital importance to invest in high-tech security. Technology has advanced to such a level that we can now afford to have smart-homes, where almost everything can be ordered and done automatically at the push of a button. Therefore, it is important to invest in smart security gadgets, which will eliminate the need for hiring expensive security companies to protect you and your family. In order to help you find the ideal security gadget for your home, we have singled out 6 most popular ones. Find the best security gadgets at mammothsecurity.com

5 Popular Security Gadgets for Your HomeMonitoring systems

A modern home is incomplete without a smart monitoring system. These devices are typically equipped with a high resolution camera with 1tb of storage so that you can record everything you want without fear of running out of space. The most important features include motion detection, night vision, temperature monitoring and proximity detection. These monitoring gadgets can be placed almost everywhere ? in your garden, or on smooth surfaces like walls and windows.


Although sturdy and reliable door locks have their upsides, they are still not efficient enough at preventing burglaries. Therefore, you should consider investing in a lock that is placed at the bottom of your door as well. This gadget is made of steel and glass-reinforced nylon, which makes it extremely durable and reliable. And just like a smart lock, it is operated with an app, which makes it practical and easy to use. If you want to feel more secure, we recommend integrating it with other smart security gadgets.


Another popular security item is the Canary. If the canary detects any type of movement in its vicinity while it’s in night-vision mode, it will alert you with a notification, and allow you to call the authorities in a matter of seconds. It can record and store videos in real-time. The best thing about it is that you can pay a few bucks extra and have a siren installed in it to scare away potential thieves.

5 Popular Security Gadgets for Your HomeSmart alarm system

Now you can install a set of devices which can simultaneously work to secure your home. The set includes multiple devices such as a main control unit or CubeOne, a separate camera for streaming videos and one for storing videos, various motion sensors, which you can install on your windows and doors, plus a remote control, which will help you operate the system with ease. Most importantly, every device from the set can be controlled via an app.

A smart lock

This gadget is extremely practical. It syncs your smart phone with the lock on your front door, or any other door in your home – meaning that it can only be opened if you give the command. This means, it avoids the hassle of carrying around duplicate keys for your door. However, locksmith for cars sacramento who work for home/cars/residency are also essential, in case the gadgets fail.  This eliminates the need for carrying around a set of keys with you. Additionally, this device will let you track whoever comes in or out of your home by showing you the exact time and date when the doors were opened and by whom, depending on whether or not you allow someone access. Whether you are experiencing problems with your locks, or you simply want to install new ones, we strongly recommend hiring a locksmith in Epping.

A fake dog bark alarm

This device is a cheap and practical method to scare away trespassers. It has a built in motion sensor and can be positioned almost anywhere in your home or front yard. As soon as someone trips the motion sensor, an emulated dog bark will be heard, alerting you that you have unwanted visitors.

As we can see, modern security gadgets can easily make your home a secure place where you can relax and not worry about unwanted visitors. Make sure to invest in one of these amazing items and make your home safer for you and your family.

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