Worms Ultimate Mayhem Review

The latest game in the Worms series is Worms Ultimate Mayhem which was released September 28, 2011 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

The game is a mix of content from two other Worms titles, Worms 3D and Worms 4: Mayhem. The campaign is identical to the one in Worms 4. As any Worms game you take control of worms trying to complete different task on a stage. For example in a stage you need to collect specific items or you have to destroy a specific target. But the main task is killing enemy worms.

You can do this using the vast amount of weapons the game offers. Each one feels unique and the damage it deals it’s specific to that weapon. So you might want to use a bazooka or a shotgun or a baseball bat or you can shoryuken or you can call an airstrike and many other awesome and goofy weapons. You have the choice to cause destruction anyway you want it.

The game is in full 3D, all the models, the map, everything. In some levels you can destroy everything and in others you can level down a mountain, but you can’t bring down a fence ?! Being in 3D for a Worms should be great, yeah? Well for the aesthetics of the game is really good, but when it comes to controlling the camera it is a real pain. Sure controlling the worm is easy, but many times the camera gets in your way. The aiming for me kinda works cause it’s nice to see in first person perspective and if your target is close to you, he doesn’t have a chance, but if the target is far away, you can’t really be sure where the shot is gonna land or how much power does it need to get to him.

The graphics are really nice. The humor and the funny voices are all here. The maps looks great and the animations are really good. Also the color scheme is fantastic. The cut-scenes could have been better but overall it’s a nice looking game.

Other than singleplayer missions and challenges, the game features multiplayer. You can play with your friends in a variety of modes. During online play I didn’t experience lag, but it took some time to find a match online to play. There is a fair amount of customization for your worm if you choose that.

All in all Team 17 did a great job with this title. The game looks nice and plays nice except for the clunky camera. If you are a fan of Worms series ,like me, definitely buy it.


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