Trends for Workplace Technology in 2017

It’s a never ending scenario. Technology seems to be making a larger, and more substantial impact on our daily lives each year. During the first few weeks of each year, we sit back and reflect upon the numerous advancements we have seen within the technology sector each year. Sometimes, it’s hard to fathom how we could become even more advanced than we are. Processes become more sophisticated, and simplification via technology seems to be a never ending road that we will be able to observe.

Reflecting upon the year ahead, we can begin to picture some of the possible changes that could come about as a result of newer devices and machinery. Specifically, there are plenty of predictions that very well may become a part of our lives this year, and in the coming years when it comes to technology in the workplace. The biggest question we should all ask is, will these advancements make a positive impact on our work abilities, or will they hinder and slow down our processes?

Below we will examine a few trending topics within technology and how it’s affecting our workplaces:

Robotic manufacturing

This has been widely discussed several times over the past few years. For business owners, robotic manufacturing could play an integral role in simplifying processes associated within manufacturing industries. Robots have been discussed among many because of their ability and potential to replace the jobs of many employees across the United States. For employees who currently work in plants assembling products, the threat of a robotic device taking their job could very well be probable within the next few years.

For employers, robotic machines can not only cut down on costs associated with paying employees, but it can also reduce on the job injury and fatality rates. If a robotic device breaks, the aftermath of repairing a robot could be much less risky and costly in comparison to paying for an employee’s injury.

Autonomous transportation

Another highly discussed topic is the development of self-driving automobiles. This type of technology is not limited to just the workplace, but our daily lives as well. Though this idea may be several years away from full development, autonomous vehicles could eventually threaten to remove positions from employees within the truck driving and transportation industry. For employers, the cost associated with purchasing a self-driving automobile or truck may be very high. With this being said, it may be several more years before this technology has the potential to eliminate some positions from the job market.


Another commonly discussed workplace trend is ergonomics. Though this has been in development for some time, the process of improving workplace efficiency has been improved greatly through the use of technology.

As more and more employees begin to work from home, the use of a computer or tablet has risen steadily over the past few years. As a result, many people spend a great deal of time in a chair, sitting at their desk and staring at a screen for several hours per day. In the long run, this can have many negative side effects on one’s health. Newer desks have been developed that raise up, and allow those working long shifts on their computer the ability to stand up. This increases productivity and helps to improve blood flow through the body. Additionally, devices such as bluetooth enabled microphones allow those on conference calls the ability to walk around while they are in a meeting, rather than remaining in one place at all times.

What’s to come?

As discussed, there are many new and exciting technology trends to look forward to within the workplace in 2017. From robotic machinery, to self automated cars, to standing desks and bluetooth capabilities, there are several ways in which we can improve our workspace in the coming years. In what ways will technology revolutionize our workplaces in 2018?

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