Technology trends for small businesses in 2017

Technological advancements made it possible for smaller businesses to compete with the biggest corporations. Every year there are advancements in the business technologies sector that can improve how business is done. These technology trends can make operations more efficient, expand the market and give businesses edge over their competitors. But smaller companies need to follow upcoming trends and implement them into their business model. This decision should not be done without proper research, because the right technology can make or break the company. Here is a list of some of the best technology trends in 2017.

App for every business

In today’s world, almost everyone owns a smartphone. Their usage is wide spread and they are being used more than desktop computers nowadays. Why not use that to your company’s advantage and bring your business closer to the customers by creating an app for it. The app can be made with ease, using platforms like Appy Pie or Microsoft’s Power apps. They are easy to use, so anyone can use them and create an app.

Since these platforms can implement video chat into the app, your company can have better customer support. Customers can show your representatives the exact problem, and employees can fix the problem easier. Bringing your business closer to customers like this can give an edge against competing businesses.

Payment methods

Almost every business today accepts credit cards, with the use of smartphones it became even easier to pay a bill. Today, customers can pay bills and purchases with the use of their mobile devices while on the go. For example, LifeLock Wallet allows users to save their card information as a barcode which can later be scanned for quick payments. If the phone has a camera, it can be used to pay bills. With a simple snap shot, people can pay for anything and even make reverse transactions in the case of error. Bringing payment methods like these into the business, only proves how advanced the company is.

Technology trends for small businesses in 2017Improved security

More and more businesses move their operations online, this doesn’t mean that it is safe from criminals. Using obsolete security allows cyber criminals to meddle with your business’s data and your customer’s information. Customers value their privacy, therefore it is of utmost importance to have good data security and protect valuable information. Companies like to skimp on the quality of security, which saves money but leaves them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. More than half of cyber-attack victims are small companies. Securing the virtual side of the business is only part of the job. It would be wise to secure companies premises by installing axis cameras.

Using Social Media wisely

There are over 2 billion people actively using social media platforms. This number is expected to grow rapidly in the upcoming years. Why not use this to your company’s advantage and harness the potential of social media for advertisement. Social media can be used to promote services your company provides, advertise new products, allow people to buy directly from social media. Target specific group depending on their online behavior. Customers can give feedback through social media and even post reviews about the company. Most people use social media on their mobile devices so it is important to have a responsive website to allow for good browsing experience.

As the technology evolves, businesses try to adopt these trends to improve their operations. Ignoring obvious technology trends can be harmful for smaller business and result in customer loss. In an unforgiving economy, it is important to follow these trends and use them to your company’s advantage.

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