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The Order 1886 Portrait Shots, Concept Art and 3D Renders

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Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 title, The Order: 1886, is a technical powerhouse.

Developer Ready at Dawn has been working with the next-gen hardware, discovering exciting ways to create a high-fidelity, alternate history version of London. Here are a selection of images showing us the main characters, some concept art and 3D renders of some of the weapons on the game. What do you think?

portrait 3_Malory_1382451606_1

portrait 1_Isabeau_1382451605_1portrait 5_Lafayette_1382451607_1

Global Exclusive 2_1382451597_1Global Exclusive 1_1382451596_1arc_gun_renders_1382451573_1character_costume_pipeline_1382451578_1character_hair_pipeline_1382451587_1character_detail_pipeline_1382451585_1blackwall_yards_1382451574_1