Marvel Pinball Avengers Chronicles Review

Should you get this DLC? We discuss why on our Marvel Pinball Avengers Chronicles Review

When it comes to pinball games you may have heard of Zen Studios. In the past couple of years they created some of the best pinball games or let’s just say tables available for consoles right now. Putting a story into a pinball table is just crazy, right? But the guys and gals over at Zen Studios have been doing this for so long with the Marvel Pinball franchise  and the latest addition to it, Avengers Chronicles, is their best yet!

In the Avengers Chronicles DLC, you get four new tables to play in: The Avengers, World War Hulk, Infinity Gauntlet and Fear Itself. Let me tell you that from what I’ve played this far all the tables are awesome, but Infinity Gauntlet is the best one they have ever created.

In The Avengers before you start playing you must choose your character or better say the ball representing the Avenger of your choice. Each one of them has different dialogues and the table changes accordingly to the Avenger you choose. Defeat Loki is the task you have, but to reach that it’s a tough task, cause the difficulty ramps up quickly. Overall this is a beautifully made and executed table.


The next table is World War Hulk and yes it features the big beloved bad-ass green monster. If you have seen the Planet Hulk cartoon movie then you might be familiar with the story. The Illuminati, Iron Man, Doc. Strange etc banish Hulk to another planet because well, he is Hulk and what Hulk does better? He SMASH everything! But somehow he is able to return to earth and here, in the table, you will see him fight The Thing, Iron Man, Wolverine and other super-heroes. The table is really cool and the action becomes quickly chaotic like Hulk himself. Overall this is a good table and offers lengthy gameplay sessions.


The next table is The Infinity Gauntlet and, for my opinion, is by far the best one. The table features Thanos, who “SPOILER”  made a cameo appearance in the after credits scene from the Avengers (possibly for Avengers 2),  attempting to take over the universe using The Infinity Gauntlet, while The Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock fights him. Your task is to collect the gems from the gauntlet. Also there are some other cool gimmicks that create some awesome gameplay, but I will not spoil that for you. As I said this is the best table, so if you want to see why download it what are you waiting for?


The final table is Fear Itself which features Serpent as the main villain. Other than Cap Shield, I didn’t recognize anything about this table. It has some gimmicks and a secret minigame, but nothing special. Overall its a good table, a forgettable one.


For 10 $ you get an awesome package. Some of the tables are great and some are good, but not that great. The dialogue is great and the some of the gameplay mechanics of the tables are awesome. The replay value here is great. This is definitely a must buy for everyone, but remember to play this you either need Marvel Pinball on the PS3 or Pinball FX2 on the Xbox 360.

9/10-Editor Choice

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