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Mark of the Ninja Launches on Steam!

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The critically-acclaimed stealth action adventure game, Mark of the Ninja is now available on Steam. Klei Entertainment just released a new steam launch trailer which you can find down below.

But for those of you who don’t know what Mark of the Ninja is here’s a quick rundown:

In Mark of the Ninja, you’ll know what it is to truly be a ninja. You must be silent, agile and clever to outwit your opponents in a world of gorgeous scenery and flowing animation. Marked with cursed tattoos giving you heightened senses, every situation presents you with options. Will you be an unknown, invisible ghost, or a brutal, silent assassin?

Upgrade new tools and techniques that suit your playstyle and complete optional objectives to unlock entirely new ways to approach the game. Finish the main story to unlock a New Game Plus mode with even more options and challenges.