Landscape Tech Ideas

Sure, you may not consider technology to be a part of your outdoor living area, but why not? We live in an age where everyone is ecstatic about tech innovations – we are inseparable from our smartphones and all other perks that the 21st century has equipped us with. Here are some landscape technology ideas to consider for your yard.

Outdoor Television

Everyone is crazy about modern-day television sets – if you own a smart TV, you can do pretty much everything, from watching the regular program, to streaming movies and playing video games! In fact, the good old television set is probably the only thing keeping you indoors during those hot summer months. Well, now there are TV models that can withstand high temperatures, which, although they are expensive, are definitely a safer option. Just make sure that the set is covered properly, you know how those summer downpours are!

Landscape Tech IdeasOutdoor Projector

Here is a nice alternative for an outdoor TV set, especially if you have a large, empty white wall at your disposal. This will turn your backyard into a true open-air cinema. Even if there isn’t a large white wall available, you can find your way around this by equipping the outdoor part of your home with a movie screen.

Cool Lights

Garden lighting can do with an amount of experimenting; where will you go a bit wild if not here? Think about installing interesting lighting fixtures, such as floating globe lamps, which are great for setting the mood just right.

Use  Solar Energy

Basking in the sun is always an awesome experience; however, using solar energy instead of the regular way to go is an excellent idea! Get a solar charger for your smartphone; the Wi-Fi is probably sucking the life out of your phone’s battery and with a solar charger, there is no need to miss out on the sunlight!

Landscape Tech IdeasMusic

No mood can be set without proper music, and playing tracks from your phone’s speaker is nowhere nearly good enough. A quality surround system is simply a must! Of course, storing it safely beneath some means of cover is obligatory – electricity won’t play well with rain and water. Of course, not everyone can afford this big of an investment, but here’s an idea: get a portable, waterproof speaker, so that you can seamlessly enjoy floating in your pool with music always by your side. Solar chargers work great with this technology!


Chances are that your outdoor space is a garden in part. And yes, if this is the case, you likely already own sprinklers. However, properly dispersing fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides by hand is tedious, messy and can have a negative impact on your health. This is why getting quality items from boom sprayers can hugely help youthese gadgets will make things significantly easier.

Fight off the Insects

Once the sun goes down, insects start going wild, the worst of them being those dreadful mosquitoes. Of course, you’re probably using electric insect killers and fly tapes, but these really aren’t efficient enough. Think about getting an aesthetically-pleasing insect killer, which will keep your outdoor space bug-free – the nasty buggers will still be attracted by your backyard lights, but quality zappers will make sure that your landscape is rid of them! Look forward to bug-free sunsets in your very own backyard!

Some of these landscaping tech ideas are fundamental for your entertainment, while others are great additions for your leisure time. Equip your outdoor space with a solid, durable TV set, quality speakers and make sure that you’ve protected yourself from those nasty insects!

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