INUI STUDIO officially launches AIRxTOUCH

A new solution is about to hit and revolutionise the Digital Signage market.
Developed by the R&D Team of iNUI Studio SA, and commercialised in Europe in partnership with SAMSUNG, AIRxTOUCH™ BAR is the only technology that enables a Shop window to become an interactive display.

It transforms every surface into an interactive display under all surrounding conditions, through a glass surface such as a Shop window!

A unique patented technology “made in Luxembourg”

The plug-and-play AIRxTOUCH™ BAR works under any kind of ambient light, at any time, and allows brands and stores to attract the attention of their future customers in an innovative and interactive way.

The bar turns a regular screen into an interactive display, instantly making it an eye-catcher for people who are passing by. It is more responsive (in less than one millisecond) than any kind of existing touch device on the market.

The solution works on double, triple and even armoured glass. No physical contact is needed. Even when wearing gloves, your hand becomes the pointer: just push, zoom or swipe.

The AIRxTOUCH™ bar works like any other touch device, but without any physical contact with the surface. This unique patented technology is compatible with all Windows 10 Apps.

A dedicated AIRxTOUCH™ App Store will be launched in 2017 and will be accessible to developers in Europe

A brand new experience for customers, even if the shop is closed!

AIRxTOUCH™ BAR transforms simple shop window into tools which therefore become one of the company’s best ambassadors, on a 24/7 time clock. Information, products, services, videos, etc.: all types of interactive and rich content are easily and constantly displayed to promote the companies’ activities.

Over the years, screens always attracted customers, but giving them the opportunity to play and discover original content takes companies to a whole new level.

Moreover, the solution is NFC ready and therefore allows transactions through the Shop window with your mobile phone, your fidelity card, or your credit card.

AIRxTOUCH™ BAR helps companies or shops reach their full business potential, facilitating the customers’ buying journey. Your shop window can now become the employee of the month!

Your Appointments can be made through the shop window, improving, once again, the customer experience and increasing the efficiency of the retail shop.

All interaction with the shop window is automatically stored. This can be a great added value to measure your Shop window ROI and discover your customer’s profile.

With AIRxTOUCH™ BAR, companies can finally put their prospect at the heart of a participative process, modernise their image and turn the relationship into a user-friendly one, optimising the emotional impact and the power of persuasion of its means of communication

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