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indiePub trifecta of deals

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Storm, Bad Bots and Auditorium available for reduced prices for a limited time

indiePub Entertainment, Inc., is giggly with gleeful joy to offer a trifecta of video game deals.

indiepub_logo_color_trimmed.1 indiePub’s most recent release, Bad Bots, is currently available via Steam for both PC and Mac. This super fun retro style platform shooter retails for $9.99 but it’s available at a 25% discount now through Friday, May 24, 2013 (that’s $7.49 for non-mathletes). Bad Bots was made by indie dev Vanni Del Moral and includes more than a year of love. It’s blastastical fun with lots of killer ‘bots.

The much anticipated indie game, Storm, will be available for a massive 80% discount. Buy Storm for PC at between May 24 and May 28, 2013, and this relaxing, ethereal gaming experience will cost you only $2.99 (regularly priced $14.99).

What, not good enough for you? How about we triple the offer!

We head back to console land for the critically acclaimed indie game, Auditorium. We are dropping the beat on this one by 50% now through June 4, 2013. Manipulate sounds to solve puzzles in 3D HD goodness for only $0.99 (that sounds like “ninety-nine cents”). You can even get your Move controller out and your HD gaming groove on to a slew of PSN exclusive challenges and sounds.

So, to summarize, here are the three deals in an easy-to-read, copy-and-paste-able bullet-point list: