Implementation of Various Technologies and Employees’ Productivity

You are where you are, the office you are slouching behind the keyboard in from 9 to 5 has a greater impact on your life than you might think. Its design, colors and overall style have a large effect on your productivity.

What do colors have to do with it?

If you want to promote productivity and creativity of your workers, you have to tackle the matter of colors that are prevailing in your business environment. Bright colors and cheerful design make the employees stay in the office. Orange is the color of energy boosting, and the office which have details in its hues are bound to have staff who endure more than the ones working in dull grey environments. After orange, you should consider going for yellow details which will make your workers optimistic. To promote creativity choose lime green details and the productivity will surely increase.


Blue is the color of trust and business, so if you want to reflect the gravity of your company and trustworthiness implement blue details. Remember how many companies have this color in their logo.

However, if you do not really have a lot of space you can use the traditional Scandinavian design with a lot of white details which will create the illusion of a bigger space and have a positive attitude on employees because white increases openness.

What you should avoid is red because it is related to anger and stress, it is only good for companies where there is a lot of physical activities. What is good for a gym is not good for an IT office.

Is open space environment really good?

Spatial arrangement is vital for the productivity. Contrary to the popular belief, open space offices are not promoting interaction among employees. A study has shown that as much as 90% of employees are not satisfied with this kind of offices due lack of privacy. Although they are excellent for collaboration, employees seem intimidated by such surroundings so you may want to consider opting for a different arrangement in your company so as to promote interaction and better attitude of your staff.

Furniture needs to be comfortable

No matter how modernly designed office chairs are, if they are not comfortable – they are not doing neither you nor your employees any good. What they need is a sense of comfort in order to stay productive. Boring furniture, on the other hand, might make employees lazy, so you need to tackle both comfort and the style of furniture to make your employees happy and productive.

However, if you would like to consider their health, so investing in standing desks may be cost-effective. Sitting in the office chairs 9-5 never did anyone’s back good. If you go for this kind of furniture, you may help your employees decrease the levels of diabetes, obesity and help them fight against cardiovascular diseases.

If standing desks are not your thing, there are a lot of other strategically designed workstations that you can incorporate so as to promote productivity. The masterminds behind office equipment production took care about the comfort, design and the possible effects on productivity, so that we can now purchase employee-friendly office desks.


Light please

When it comes to efficiency, it is vital that your workers are exposed to quality light during the office hours. A study has shown that employees who had no windows in their offices were less productive. It is vital to have both natural and artificial lighting in the office. Not only will the ones present in the office feel more energetic, they will experience less sight issues and they could stay overtime without experiencing sore eyes.

Making your staff more productive is all about the surrounding they work in so make sure to provide them with vibrant colors, comfortable office desks and privacy enhancing space. In no time you will be thrilled to see your business blossom due to energetic, highly-motivated and creative employees.

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