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Far Cry 4 Teaser Image Released?

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Real or Fake? Is this the first teaser image for Far Cry 4?

We don’t think so. Everything looks suspicious, Vaas looks in his natural habitat, but the logo Far Cry 4 and the text under it look very suspicious. Now *****SPOILERS***** Jason kinda killed Vaas in Far Cry 3 so how he might be back in Far Cry 4 remains to be understood if we take this image for real. Maybe this is a prequel to Far Cry 3 where we play as Vaas? Totally plausible. Or we play as Vaas after the events of Far Cry 3 (Jason killed him in a dream or whatever).

Know that there is nothing on Ubisoft’s press site, but I also can’t find this image on Google so there is also that. If you have better luck, let us know!

UPDATE: Special thanks to N4G user ScuderiaPaul for pointing out a date 04.04.2014 that is visible closer to the “Let’s Play” graffiti under the “Follow Me”.


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