Emerging Fire Protection Technologies to Watch

Technological leaps we witness each day have already found their way into fire protection. Due to this introduction of the latest technological advancements into fire protection technology, the warning, controlling and suppressing methods are becoming faster, smarter and more efficient, all in an effort to protect and save lives. To better understand how the digital era will improve fire safety and protection, you should definitely keep an eye out for these emerging fire protection technologies.

Emerging Fire Protection Technologies to WatchWater Mist Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system is still the main line of defense against extensive fires. However, the recent advent of the water mist fire safety system improves could make the classic sprinkling system obsolete. Instead of using large globules of water, the water mist system breaks up the water particles into a fine mist that extinguishes flames. With smaller particles and a greater velocity, the mist can cover a much larger surface area. Additionally, it also increases the rate at which water is converted into steam. Steam has a much better rate at suppressing flames, since it absorbs heat better, decreasing temperature and depriving the fire of oxygen.ESFR Fire Sprinkler System

ESFR Fire Sprinkler System

When it comes to fire suppression solutions used in storage facilities, the invention of the early suppression fast response (ESFR) system promises to quell flames to their original size. All previous in-rack sprinkler systems were designed to control fires, but were unreliable as they could easily burst and damage stored inventory. The ESFR system is, instead, mounted on ceilings and features high-pressure sprinkler heads directly attached to fire pumps, allowing them to produce 100 gallons of water per minute. In doing this, the ESFR prevents the fire from spreading by suppressing it to an extinguishable size.

Integrated Voice Evacuation and Messaging System

The main goal of fire protection technology is to save lives, be it by fighting flames directly or by protecting people from direct contact with fire. The development of the integrated voice evacuation and messaging system improves existing evacuation procedures in case a fire breaks out. The system uses a distributed intelligence which gives out customized audio fire-escape instructions to people caught in a specific area of the building. With a reaction time of less than a second, the system is activated almost instantaneously, and able to give out safety instructions even when entire segments of the building are engulfed in flames.

Emerging Fire Protection Technologies to WatchSound Wave Fire Extinguisher

Engineers at George Mason University have invented a fire extinguisher unit which utilizes sound waves to break and extinguish fires. The sound wave fire extinguisher is both chemical and water free, and achieves its goal by separating burning fuel from oxygen. Even though, the model is yet to feature in a fire extinguisher chart, the development team predicts widespread application in both domestic and business fire protection, as well as professional fire departments.

Video Image Smoke Detection (VISD)

VISD is the next generation system of smoke detection. It uses video image analysis integrated into digital surveillance cameras in order to provide an immediate fire alarm. Instead of relying on airflow detection methods, the system detects the presence of smoke visually, locating the origin of the smoke independent of any external factors that might influence its efficiency. Thus, the entire system is able to monitor the facility throughout the 24-hour period. In case it detects smoke, the alarm signal is received instantly by the nearest fire department which significantly improves their response time.

Because fires pose a constant threat, it is necessary to take every precaution. Recent advancements in technology will continue to upgrade existing fire safety systems and incorporate new inventions in order to provide better solutions, which will ultimately save lives. Continue watching out for the latest fire protection technologies so you too can keep the people around you safe in an event of a fire.



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