Deadpool Review

“Deadpool, Bang, Babes, MAYHEM”…damn that launch trailer was amazing, too bad the game isn’t…

For those of you who might not know,  Deadpool is an action hack and slash third person shooter video game based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name developed by High Moon Studios, the creators of the critically acclaimed Transformers games of this generation. Now as we all know, a game based on a comic book hero rarely (and I mean it) can be good and fun to play. Deadpool manages to be one of those. FUN! Fart jokes, d*ck jokes, sex jokes, hilarious conversations and funny situations, Deadpool will make you burst out laughing.

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When it was first announced the game looked very interesting and many people, me included, thought that this maybe is the “Arkham Asylum” game for Marvel. It looked like High Moon Studios really captured the character of Deadpool and that the gameplay was something to look forward too. The game came out and I can say that they at least got one thing spot on, Deadpool himself. As we all know from the comics and animated shows, Deadpool is a batshit crazy anti-Hero with a very big mouth and a nature we haven’t really seem before. And in the game he is all this and much more. Voicing Deadpool and his two other voices in his head is Nolan North, who doesn’t need any introduction, and let me tell you that HE IS DEADPOOL! The dialogues he has with the two other voices in his head are hilarious, but the best is when he is talking with you. Yes you, the player. He totally breaks the fourth wall of gaming like we have never seen before. In the past there were some games like Metal Gear Solid where Psycho Mantis “moved your controller” with his mind powers, but Deadpool rises over that. He knows he is inside a game and he will tell you this countless times while you are playing. Many times he will call you names, make fun of you, make fun of the game itself. He will mock game cliches, mechanics, gimmicks, glitches, bugs etc. he is self-aware that in reality this it’s only a game and he will make the most out of it. Breaking the fourth wall, this is the driving force behind this game.


The writing is hilarious even if the game story doesn’t make any sense and it feels that there isn’t one actually to speak of in the first place. Maybe that is because Deadpool destroys the script of the game and writes all over it with crayons cause he wants to “create and write” his own game. Mr. Sinister who wants to kill every human and mutant on the planet and repopulate it with “perfect” clones and Deadpool takes the responsibility to stop his evil plans, but how all of this plays out during the 7 hour long singleplayer is poorly executed. But, as I said above, what is fantastically executed is the portrayal of Deadpool himself. You start in his apartment, where there are many things he can interact with–you can drop a “stink pickle in the bath”, eat some pizza, drink beers, watch some TV, go to the internet, pet your dog or even blow up his inflatable doll. Everyone of these actions becomes zany and immature with prompts like “Do Doggy Style” or with the his silly comments like the about the the inflatable doll “Tell me we are not going to put our pen*s there”. This is the best part of Deadpool, it doesn’t take itself seriously and the result of that is simply hilarious and never seen before anywhere. Once you’ve exhausted the interactivity of the apartment, you and Deadpool are set upon the path to create your game.

Gameplay wise, it is fun and satisfying…for the first two hours, then it becomes boring and very repetitive. Deadpool is a hack and slash  at heart mixed with gunplay and some tacked on platforming sequences. Note that this is not God of War nor Devil May Cry, both games where you have to at least switch and combo some attacks to kill the enemies. Nope, here you can kill pretty much everyone and everything just by mashing buttons. You get light and heavy attacks which you can mix with gunplay resulting in “Gun-Kata”, but again, you just have to mash them in order to win, there’s no strategy to follow, no big 10 button combo to execute in order to win a fight. The gunplay works like your traditional third person shooter. Shooting enemies feel right and the bullets have a satisfying impact on them. The only problem with it is the lock-on, it doesn’t work properly for no apparent reason. Once you lock on an enemy the reticle goes to the far left, so you miss every shot…strange.

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