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Ace Armstrong vs. The Alien Scumbags Review

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As I said before, Laughing Jackal has made some of the best Minis titles to date, but with Ace Armstrong vs The Alien Scumbags that’s not the case.

The game features our hero Ace Armstrong in a quest to defeat the Scumbags who have invaded earth. That’s it, the whole story. The game it’s a side-scrolling shoot ‘em up. You fly in Ace’s spaceship blasting away waves of aliens. Along the main gun, which is a blaster, the spaceship can suck different colored orbs and acquire alien weapons such as lasers, three point blaster etc.

Then there is the difficulty. Oh my god! This game is extremely difficult even at easiest level. Ace’s spaceship is really big so it is very difficult to avoid enemy projectiles. One shot from one of them, puff dead. Also if you touch a piece of the scenery, puff dead again. Combined this two, makes the game extremely difficult. Also the end bosses are really really difficult to beat. I tried at least 30 times, yes I am not kidding, just to beat the first boss on easy.

I really dig this art style, it reminds me of 90′ cartoons like Dexter’s Lab or Powerpuff Girls. I played the game in a HDTV and it looked really good, sure a little rough around the edges, but hey it’s a Minis title.

Ace Armstrong vs The Alien Scumbags really disappoints. The game gets old after playing for only 5 minutes, so I would think before buying it. Anyway this is my opinion.